How It Works

We think the NeuroGuard+ is the best mouthguard available! The NeuroGuard+ system allows you to measure the degree of anatomical deficiency in your unique jaw position and will correct any deficiency with the patented combination design.

The NeuroGuard+ is a DIY kit to maintain your exact and strong lower jaw alignment during sports. Everyone has a unique anatomy. The NeuroGuard+ is designed around the athlete's bite.

After the NeuroGuard+ is installed correctly, your jaw joint will be in the optimum position, providing maximum strength, endurance, performance and protection.

Check out the video to see precise instructions.

Here is how:

1️⃣ Measure your bite position to determine if additional material is needed.
2️⃣ Warm in hot water.
3️⃣ Place in mouth on LOWER teeth.
4️⃣ Form a “kiss” and swallow 5 times