What is NeuroGuard+? 

NeuroGuard+ is the evolution of athlete safety equipment, specifically designed to enhance athletic performance while providing advanced neuroprotection. It's a revolutionary mouthguard that goes beyond traditional protection to optimize strength, balance, and overall athletic capabilities.


How does NeuroGuard+ enhance performance?

NeuroGuard+ focuses on the jaw's physiological position, offering an added layer of neuroprotection that significantly reduces the risk of sports-related neurological injuries. By maintaining physiologic jaw alignment, it helps athletes perform at their best and stay safe on the field.


Is NeuroGuard+ custom-fit?

Yes, NeuroGuard+ ensures a custom fit for every athlete, aligning perfectly with their unique anatomy. Say goodbye to uncomfortable or ill-fitting mouthguards and experience optimal comfort and performance with NeuroGuard+.


Are there any proven results with NeuroGuard+?

Absolutely! Hundreds of athletes have worn NeuroGuard+ and reported a massive reduction in instances of concussions. Moreover, they've seen improvements in their overall performance, making NeuroGuard+ a game-changer for athletes.


Who can benefit from NeuroGuard+? 

NeuroGuard+ is suitable for athletes in contact sports, military personnel, first responders, and anyone looking to enhance their athletic performance. It's recommended by the American Dental Association for athletes across various sports to reduce the risk of injuries.


What sets NeuroGuard+ apart from traditional mouthguards?

Unlike traditional mouthguards, NeuroGuard+ is medically patented and designed to reduce G-forces from impact. It helps athletes maintain physiologic jaw alignment, increase strength, and perform at their best, making it a future-ready solution for athlete safety.


What's the feedback from the NeuroGuard+ community?

Over 6,500 athletes have experienced the benefits of NeuroGuard+, with a remarkable 95%+ reduction in diagnosed concussions. Athletes, coaches, and parents trust NeuroGuard+ to keep players safe and performing at their peak.


How can I get NeuroGuard+ for myself or my team?

Invest in your game and safety by choosing NeuroGuard+ today. Visit our website or contact us directly to learn more and unlock your full potential on and off the field with NeuroGuard+.


Can the NeuroGuard+ be worn with braces?