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Elevating Athlete Safety to New Heights

Welcome to NeuroGuard+, the evolution of athlete safety equipment.

Born from a legacy of pioneering protective gear, NeuroGuard+ represents a breakthrough in safeguarding athletes' health and performance. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we've harnessed the latest in neuromuscular dentistry and impact technology to develop a mouthguard that does more than protect; it enhances.

NeuroGuard+ isn't just a mouthguard; it's a testament to our dedication to athletes' well-being across all levels of competition. By focusing on the jaw's physiological position, NeuroGuard+ provides an added layer of neuroprotection, significantly reducing the risk of sports-related neurological injuries.

Our proprietary design ensures a custom fit that aligns with each athlete's unique anatomy.

Our Customer Reviews

“I have worn the NeuroGuard+ for over four years in the NFL now without a concussion. I can breathe and talk normally and I can feel the strength it gives me. It’s the best mouth guard out there!”

Daniel Sorenson

“After participating in the direct trials of our own players using the NG+ we want this mouth guard in all of our players.”

Michael Chang

We had our player fitted with the NG+ concept and had our best season in years. We made the Michigan High school playoffs for the first time in 20 years. I’ve never seen a mouth guard as comfortable for the kids and they love them

Kelly Clark
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While all mouthguards protect teeth, only the NeuroGuard can lower the G-Force impact to the brain, thanks to its patented design.

It's a medically patented DIY home device designed to customize around an athlete’s bite, ensuring physiologically aligned jaw enforcement, thus reducing the risk of concussions.

Our system allows measurement and correction of anatomical deficiencies in an athlete's jaw position, ensuring optimal strength, endurance, and protection during sports activities.

After installation, it positions the jaw joint in the optimum "PowerPlus" position, providing maximum strength, endurance, performance, and protection.

Traditional mouthguards do not protect against G-forces from impact.

Our medically patented mouthguard reduces G-forces by maintaining Physiologic Jaw Alignment, enhancing strength and performance.

Studies consistently demonstrate that customized, physiologically aligned mouthguards outperform other mouthguards, significantly reducing the probability of concussions.

Independent studies have shown improvements in both upper and lower body strength compared to common mouthguards, making it an essential tool for athletes seeking enhanced performance.

Over 6,500 athletes have used the PowerPlus Mouthguard, resulting in a diagnosed concussion rate of only 0.2%, offering athletes, coaches, and parents a significant safety advantage on the field.

Initially used in boxing in the 1890s, the first custom mouthguard was created in 1948. Since then, research has shown significant benefits, prompting their use in various sports.

Our mission is to help prevent concussions in youth athletes by embracing the discovery of Physiologic Jaw alignment during sports participation. This alignment reduces the risk of concussive forces reaching the brain and enhances strength and performance.