We don't expect you to take our word.  Here is what our customers have to say:

Daniel Sorenson | NFL Kansas City Chiefs

“I have worn the NeuroGuard+ for over four years in the NFL now without a concussion. I can breath and talk normally and I can feel the strength it gives me. It’s the best mouthguard out there!”

Michael Chang | Head Trainer | Wayne State University
“After participating in the direct trials of our own players using the NeuroGuard+ we want this mouthguard in all of our players.”

Kelly Clark | Traverse City Central High Football
“We had our player fitted with the NeuroGuard+ concept and had our best season in years. We made the Michigan High school playoffs for the first time in 20 years. I’ve never seen a mouthguard as comfortable for the kids and they love them

Antonio M. Penn | Professional Athlete
"Through my athletic career, I would have never thought that anything besides training and consistency would improve the results that follow my work. NeuroGuard+ changed my views. While training and testing using the NeuroGuard+, I saw an increase in my weight numbers and faster times in my agility numbers."

Ralph Soffrendine | World Record Holder Power Bench Press Senior Class
"My best lift in the over 60 yr. old bench press competition was 395 lbs.until I was fitted with the NeuroGuard+. The day I had it fitted I lifted 455lbs. I went on to break the world record using the NeuroGuard+ at 446 lbs. If you are in competition, the NeuroGuard+ is a must have”.


Jack Rowan | Veteran Football Coach


Whitney Keeling | Wascom Head Football Coach