Custom Fit MouthGuards -

A mouthguard is a piece of protective equipment traditionally worn to cover the teeth and gums to prevent, reduce, and protect against injury to the mouth.  Mouthguards can often be of vital importance in several sporting and recreational activities, in particular among younger individuals.  

In an event where potential damage can be caused to the mouth, teeth, or gums of an individual, for example, in a game of football, a protective mouthguard can absorb the impact of the blow and result in a huge reduction if not a complete elimination of the damages caused to the mouth.  

Furthermore, while the protection of teeth is important, many people do not realise the importance of protecting the jaw during contact sports.   This is especially significant in youth sports as younger individuals will generally have jawlines that are not yet fully developed.  Therefore, damage caused to their jaws may have detrimental effects on the growth and development of their teeth and mouths in the future.  

For these reasons, I created the PowerPlus Mouthguard, which is specifically designed to strengthen and maintain jaw alignment and reduce concussive force upon impact.  The use of a mouthguard is becoming increasingly important nowadays as sports become more competitive and intensity increases.  This naturally leads to a greater occurrence of clashes and coming-togethers in contact sports, which are the major incidents that a mouthguard is often worn to protect against. 

While it is not incredibly common for a sports player or athlete to sustain significant damages to their teeth due to the lack of a mouthguard, it is something that can happen easily in even the more friendly sporting events.   Although protective devices may be slightly uncomfortable, the PowerPlus Mouthguard is designed to have no detrimental effect on athletic performance, while  preventing individuals hours of pain as well as expensive dental procedures that can take weeks, months or even years to completely repair the damages caused.


When choosing a mouthguard to wear while participating in a sporting event, it is important to consider the option of a custom fitted mouth guard as opposed to an ordinary store-bought mouthguard. Many individuals will choose to wear an ordinary mouthguard due to their availability at a low price. Furthermore, this option is also quicker and easier to fit than a custom fitted mouthguard, however there are areas in which an ordinary mouthguard is less suitable for certain individuals.  For example, for individuals with certain dental requirements or uniquely shaped teeth, a store-bought mouthguard can be incredibly uncomfortable and even entirely unsuitable in some cases.  Additionally, store bought mouthguards will generally not last as long as custom fitted ones, while also offering less protection during contact sports.

Alternatively, custom fitted mouthguards - although a lot more expensive - generally offer a much more comfortable and protective experience for users during contact sports.  Comfort can be very important to many individuals, especially younger athletes engaging in youth sports, and therefore the added comfort of a custom fitted mouthguard such as the PowerPlus can make the entire sporting experience much more enjoyable.  

Additionally, in a case where a parent is struggling to get their child to wear a mouthguard at all, the discomfort of the piece of protective equipment may be the issue the child has.  In this case it may be beneficial to obtain a custom fitted mouthguard, in order to allow the child to get the most enjoyment possible from the sport they play, while also being fully protected against any blows to the mouth or teeth that may occur. 

There are many options to choose from when selecting a custom fit mouth guard, however the PowerPlus mouth guard not only protects the users’ teeth and gums, but also focuses on helping users maintain a physiological jaw alignment which is proven to reduce the force of concussive impacts on the wearer.  While traditional mouthguards will protect the teeth of the user, the PowerPlus will go a step further and protect the jaw around the teeth. This is a vital element of protection during contact sports and as a dentist I can confidently say that I can fix your teeth, but I cannot protect your jaw.  

I can however give you the best possible mouth guard that gives your jaw the greatest protection.  This mouth guard gives you everything you could want in a piece of protective equipment, while also providing the added safety and strength of the jaw alignment technology. This product is guaranteed to be worth your while because teeth are easily fixed, but a broken jaw is a much more difficult procedure.  

Ultimately, a mouthguard may not appear to be a vital piece of equipment for every sport, but when it saves you a world of pain and expenses, you will be thankful that you wore it. While there are many options available, the PowerPlus mouthguard is a step ahead of its competitors due to its emphasis on jaw protection and safety. Many ordinary mouthguards will simply protect your teeth, however the PowerPlus does this while at the same time strengthening and protecting your jaw alignment. 

Furthermore, the quality, durability, and comfort of the PowerPlus is unmatched and its flawless design allows you to speak, breathe and perform at your maximum capacity.