PowerPlus Mouthguard: Data & Research

PowerPlus Mouthguard: Data & Research

A lower fitting, physiologically aligned to your skull mouthguard that is customized to your bite, will statistically reduce the probability that you will suffer a concussion. This has been conclusively proven.

All athletes should be using a custom mouthguard designed for their bite position. By doing so, it optimizes your upper–lower jaw relationship to improve your strength, your balance, your oxygen intake, and drastically lower your chance of a concussion.

Independent studies have shown that the PowerPlus Mouthguard will provide you with improvement to both upper and lower body strength.

Over 6.500+ athletes have used the PowerPlus Mouthguard. We are happy to say that the amount of diagnosed concussions is 0.2% due to the amount of research and dedication that has gone into the development.

The PowerPlus Mouthguard offers athletes, coaches, and parents an advantage to keep their players safe on the field and continues to outperform all other mouthguards.

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