PowerPlus: Anatomical Jaw Alignment

PowerPlus: Anatomical Jaw Alignment

The latest studies consistently demonstrate “physiologically” aligned mouth guards (customized to the lower teeth of the athlete) consistently outperform “over the counter” mouth guards.

In fact, a lower fitting, physiologically aligned to your skull mouth guard that is customized to your bite, will statistically reduce the probability that you will suffer a concussion.

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All athletes should be using a custom mouth guard designed for their bite position.

The PowerPlus Mouthguard was created as a means to maintain your physiological jaw position regardless of your bite.
It is designed to optimize your upper–lower jaw relationship that will improve:
-        your strength
-        your balance
-        your oxygen intake
-        your chances of a concussion-free sporting experience

Independent studies have shown that the PowerPlus Mouthguard will provide you with improvement to both upper and lower body strength. The same improvements were not present with a common mouth guard.

PowerPlus Mouthguard's Concussion Statistic of 0.2%

Well over 6,500+ athletes have used the PowerPlus Mouthguard. The amount of diagnosed concussions is less than 0.2%.

We are on a mission to teach our youth athletes, coaches, and parents to embrace the discovery of Anatomical Jaw Alignment when participating in contact sports to keep their players safe on the field.

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