How to Improve the Wear Rate of Mouthguards

How to Improve the Wear Rate of Mouthguards

Although mouthguards are effective and readily available, this form of protective equipment has been underutilized in many sports.

A convenience sample of boys' and girls' basketball and baseball/softball players at 21 high schools in the Greater Columbus, Ohio, metro area completed a self-administered survey.

The survey included a total of 1636 students (55.9 % male, 43.8 % female, 0.3 % unknown). Only 12.3 % reported using a mouthguard either every time or sometimes during practice or competition. 

The primary reasons reported for not wearing mouthguards were they were not required to (65.3 %) and that the athletes could not breathe or talk while wearing one (61.5 %).

These reasons were consistent across sex and sport.

At PowerPlus, increasing this awareness is at the forefront of our mind

The main difference is our custom-made design DOES allow the athletes to breathe, giving them a distinct advantage.

The chance of a concussion whilst participating in sport also reduces to a significant 0.2%.

Getting the word out there that there is a mouthguard like this available for these athletes is critical and a task we are extremely passionate about.

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