Custom vs. Over The Counter Mouthguards

Custom vs. Over The Counter Mouthguards

Traditional mouthguards were designed 71 years ago to cover upper teeth to prevent tooth fracture and injury to the lips and gums.

Unlike traditional, over-the-counter mouthguards, The PowerPlus Mouthguard fits on the LOWER TEETH and is designed to reduce and dissipate the G-Force upon impact and reduce injury.

The latest studies consistently demonstrate “physiologically” aligned mouthguards (customized to the lower teeth of the athlete) outperform “over the counter” mouthguards.

The role of PowerPlus Mouthguard is to help everyone discover and embrace Physiologic Jaw Alignment when participating in contact sports.

This is because you WILL reduce the risk of concussive forces reaching your brain, and you WILL increase your strength and performance.

Everyone has a unique anatomy.

Over-the-counter mouthguards simply provide a “one size fits all solution.” The PowerPlus Mouthguard is the solution to improving safety and performance due to helping an athlete:

∙ Increase strength and balance
∙ Improve performance and agility
∙ Decrease occurrences of headaches
∙ Reduce the G-Force produced in a collision
∙ Increase oxygen intake and ability to speak normally through lower arch placement 

These are 5 proven facts that you simply can not ignore when it comes to comparing PowerPlus with an over-the-counter alternative.

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