Affiliate Program

The NeuroGuard+ is a medically patented do-it-yourself home device that is designed to customize around an athlete’s bite in order to maintain the enforcement of a physiologically aligned jaw. 

Our Affiliate Program

Our NeuroGuard+ affiliate program is centered around two goals:

- Building a community of people that care about the safety of youth athletes.
- Coming together to get the word out that the NG+ can not only reduce the chance of a concussion by over 95%, but genuinely allow you to breathe and enhance their performance by 16.8% on average!

We provide engaging and interesting posts on social media that you can share on your network so what you need to do to get the word out there is actually extremely simple.

Get paid for keeping all athletes safe today!

Join Our Affiliate Community Now!

Here is how you can join the NeuroGuard+ Community and become a part of our affiliate program. 


Step 1: Sign up to be an affiliate through our website here
Step 2: Receive a Custom URL + Discount Code (Provided upon sign-up)
Step 3: Share your custom NeurgoGuard+ URL (and discount code) to your network, on Social, or with your teammates and friends.  
Step 4: Receive $5 for every mouthguard sold through your link. 


Still have questions? Send us a message.