PowerPlus Mouthguard: Testimonials

PowerPlus Mouthguard: Testimonials

When it comes to something as crucial to your safety or performance in sports, you need proven results in order to make the best decision for you or your team.

What makes the decision even easier, however, is when there are strong and passionate testimonials that back up the product's claim.

With PowerPlus Mouthguard, our claims are back up by facts and social proof!

Facts such as the PowerPlus:
- Increases your strength by 16.8%
- Improves your oxygen intake significantly
- Reduce your chance of concussion to a minuscule 0.2%
- Helps you able to speak properly whilst you dissipate

Let’s look at a couple from Professional Athletes and Coaches:

Daniel Sorenson of NFL Kansas City Chiefs tells us:
“I’ve worn the PowerPlus Mouthguard for over four years in the NFL now without a concussion. I can breathe and talk normally and I can feel the strength it gives me. It’s the best mouthguard out there!”

Michael Chang, the Head Trainer Wayne State University says:
“After participating in the direct trials of our own players using the PowerPlus we want this mouth guard in all of our players.”

It’s not just contact sports that strongly benefit from PowerPlus…

Here’s what Power Bench Press World Record Holder Ralph Soffrendine discovered:
“My best lift in the over 60 yr. old bench press competition was 395 lbs until I was fitted with the PowerPlus Mouthguard. The day I had it fitted I lifted 455lbs. I went on to break the world record using the PowerPlus mouth guard at 446 lbs. If you are in competition, the PowerPlus is a must-have.” 

These dedicated experts in sports clearly describe the variety of benefits that the PowerPlus Mouthguard produces, WAY beyond any you can buy over the counter, for further information on the technology behind this please visit www.powerplusmouthguard.com.

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