One Second Could Save Your Career

One Second Could Save Your Career

Since I’ve invented the PowerPlus Mouthguard, over 6,500 athletes have adopted it and have protected their head and their careers with it.

Not bad for a small piece of plastic that only takes a second to put into your mouth.

Athletes and endorsers include Kansas City Chiefs Daniel Sorenson, former linebacker Ray Lewis, and NBA all-star Rick Berry.

I was at the Super Bowl a few weeks ago and the response couldn’t have been better.

It’s not just pro athletes who are using it, it’s also amateur, high-school, and college athletes who are adopting the PowerPlus to protect their careers, scholarships, and their brains.

This isn’t a cool gadget that’s fashionable or a fad. This is a small, simple-to-use device that has a 98.8% protection rate again concussions. That’s way higher than traditional mouth guards which are NOT aligned to your mouth.

You can buy a new helmet, you can get a tooth fixed, and you can get a bone fixed, but you can’t take a concussion back.

Protect your head and career with the PowerPlus Mouthguard. Order now and enter coupon code POWERPLUS2022 and get 10% off.

Dr. Michael Hutchison





- Dr. Michael Hutchison, DDS

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