History of Mouthguard

History of Mouthguard

Did you know the history of the mouth guard dates back to the 1890s?

Photo of the first mouth guards

It all started when boxers started using materials - such as cotton and tape - to prevent damage to teeth during a fight.

Not too long after the Second World War, a dentist in California named Dr. Rodney Lilyquist created the first mouth guard out of a clear acrylic resin that was custom molded and fit over our teeth.

His device was so much better than the earlier bulky mouth guards, other dental professionals started creating similar custom-fitted mouth guards.

Over time, more athletes started wearing mouth guards prepared by dentists. Eventually, professional boxers were required to wear a mouth guard.

Before long, athletes playing basketball and football routinely started to wear mouth guards. The rates of dental injuries among American athletes dropped by a significant amount, prompting more sports to make wearing a mouth guard mandatory.

Today, the ADA suggests that athletes in contact AND non-contact sports use mouth guards to reduce the risk of facial and dental injuries.

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However, as with any products that develop over time, there are always ways to improve…

The problem with traditional mouth guards is that they do not protect athletes against g-force from impact.
Using modern technology, the PowerPlus Mouthguard is a medically patented mouth guard designed and proven to:

  • Increase strength and balance
  • Enhance performance and agility
  • Decrease amount and severity of headaches
  • Reduce the G-Force produced in a collision
  • Increase oxygen intake and ability to speak normally through lower arch placement

    Athletes playing football

    Youth athletes in particular today are actively encouraged to put safety first, their brains are still developing and head injuries have the ability to seriously affect this development.

    As a coach, parent or athlete, we urge you to proactively research. A lower risk of concussion and a proven enhancement of performance are just two of many vital benefits to investing in the right mouth guard.
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