10 Sports Safety Tips For Young Athletes

10 Sports Safety Tips For Young Athletes

As a business focused primarily on helping athletes reduce their chance of concussion and improving performance through the only patented mouthguard of its kind, the PowerPlus, we want to ensure your athletes are fully prepared for every other eventuality.

Here are 10 tips safety sports tips that should be taken into consideration for youth and adult athletes alike:

Prepare Kids for the Demands of Playing a Sport
Before playing organized sports, make sure your child receives a pre-participation physical exam or PPE, performed by a doctor, nurse practitioner or a qualified clinician under the supervision of a physician.

Warm-Up and Stretch Before Games and Practices
Stretching before practice and games can release muscle tension and help prevent sports-related injuries.

Remember to Hydrate
Encourage athletes to drink fluids 30 minutes before activity begins and every 15-20 minutes during activity.

Make Rest a Priority
Athletes should take at least one or two days off each week from any particular sport. 

Follow a good diet
To offset the calories burned during your sport, be sure you're getting a well-balanced, nutritional diet that gives you enough energy.

Stay fit
Start getting in shape before the season starts.

Share your information
Be sure your coach has emergency contact information for your parents and doctor, as well as any medical conditions and treatment. Sharing information is not injury prevention, it is, though mitigation, which is also important.

Be a good sport
Sportsmanship is important. Play by the rules, avoid aggressive behavior, use proper techniques in the game and stay out of fights.

Don’t Take Chances with the Brain: Know the Signs and Symptoms of Concussions
Learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion. An athlete with a suspected concussion must be removed from play until evaluated and cleared by a medical professional. 

Wear Appropriate Sports Gear
Make sure athletes use the correct equipment in order to participate in both practices and games. This includes The PowerPlus Mouthguard, helmets, shin guards, ankle braces, shoes with rubber cleats and sunscreen. 

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