Affiliate Program

The PowerPlus Mouthguard is a medically patented do it yourself home device that is designed to customize around an athlete’s bite in order to maintain the enforcement of a physiologically aligned jaw. 


PowerPlus Mouthguard


Our Affiliate Program

The truth is that everyone has a unique anatomy.  This is why the PowerPlus Mouthguard is the solution to improving athlete’s safety and performance. 

Players who switch to a PowerPlus mouth guard immediately notice what studies prove: The PowerPlus mouth guard enhances athletic performance.

Athletes are able to talk and breathe freely while wearing the mouth guard. 

Also, when they are knocked to the ground the dangerous G-Forces that contribute to concussion are redistributed.

Our affiliate program is all about helping us build relationships with more athletes.  

Our goal is to educate more people about the benefits of maintaining a physiological jaw position.  

Our affiliate program is free to sign up and you can receive commissions for each mouthguard that you help sell.  

Here is how you can join the PowerPlus Community and become a part of our affiliate program. 


Step 1: Sign up to be an affiliate through our website here
Step 2: Receive a Custom URL + Discount Code (Provided upon sign-up)
Step 3: Share your custom PowerPlus URL (and discount code) to your network, on Social, or with your teammates and friends.  
Step 4: Receive $5 for every mouthguard sold through your link. 


Still have questions? Please reach out to us directly through our Facebook Page